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How do you actaully ... ( 3 years ago by Hannah McTiny)
How do you actaully set the sounds up because I have set up responses for
certain things but i cant figure out how to get it to work properly (I have
all the sounds ^.^)
me too, have you ... ( 1 year ago by DeMarco Gaming)
me too, have you found it anywhere?
hmmmmmmmm, i really ... ( 4 years ago by yugismineitellyou)
hmmmmmmmm, i really want this, what software did you use? and where did you
get it? also, what about the sounds? THIS IS SO DAMN AWESOME!
men can you pleas ... ( 1 year ago by ramsen ritual)
men can you pleas give me the link thanks
Can i have a link ... ( 1 year ago by Remy Bustani)
Can i have a link to download that startup sound?
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY ... ( 2 years ago by theikat176)
this is my latest ... ( 4 years ago by YMPRODUCTIONS2011)
this is my latest creation honestly its much epicer than this guys but i
respect him still go to my channel to watch
I'm also curious on ... ( 4 years ago by KCScorpion34)
I'm also curious on software used. Put up more details PLEASE!
@gogetarule where ... ( 4 years ago by kb242001)
@gogetarule where did u download them?
what software did ... ( 4 years ago by chunkytarzan)
what software did you use???
@mariomario8888 ... ( 4 years ago by Derpington)
@mariomario8888 srry for repost, forgot to press repllly... Actual
message... i know how to get to there, but how did he get the picture! lol,
thx anyway :)
Paul Bettany as the ... ( 4 years ago by Gregg Smithh)
Paul Bettany as the voice of Jarvis. Zomgoodness. Logging on to that would
be awesome ;_;
This is awesome!!!! ... ( 2 years ago by Duke Harper)
This is awesome!!!!!!
can u send me the ... ( 4 years ago by SENguyenFtw)
can u send me the sound when u log on? can u put it on medafire or soemthing
OMG !!!!1 this is ... ( 2 years ago by Haider Zia)
OMG !!!!1 this is so perfect...please give us the sounds pleaaasseeee
i need the sounds ... ( 4 years ago by YMPRODUCTIONS2011)
i need the sounds can i have them please
that is pretty cool ... ( 2 years ago by Ruthie CRUZ)
that is pretty cool , but the fact that he can easily share the sound clips
or give us the software that he used to make it, I think he just wants to
be the only one with that sound wave on his computer, I think he loves the
fact that people are begging for info on how to do this. Just give the
people what they want and stop making us beg for it.
Eew windows xp! ( 3 years ago by zsdg34)
Eew windows xp!
Aaaaahhh! Paul ... ( 2 years ago by Lil Zavala)
Aaaaahhh! Paul Bettanys voice is so SEXY
F U! HOW DO YOU GET ... ( 3 years ago by Marlon Uchiha)
lol I did that to, ... ( 2 years ago by ChetJ5)
lol I did that to, I strip the audio from the movie. i got the for every
sound though
excuse how can i ... ( 2 years ago by Van Hon Sum)
excuse how can i apply the wav sound to the macros??
So cheesy....and ... ( 9 months ago by spiritbuu)
So cheesy....and gay

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