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Lol very funny ... ( 3 years ago by warrior7466)
Lol very funny Arabic accent all pronunciation wrong learn first my brother
V.wel said. Brother ( 1 year ago by Sabaz Hilali47)
V.wel said. Brother
for all brothers ... ( 3 years ago by Talha Aslam)
for all brothers and sisters i would like to request u all that pray for
every human being that Allah guide us on right path and towards the divine
light by which our hearts get cleaned. we dont have to seek his bad things
just search the good ones if they are not it doesnt matter. we all have to
go to our own grave not his grave. so be the right muslim and a good human
who carries a good and loving heart where peace lies, islam is the religion
of peace and love. love every one.
subhan ALLAH , I ... ( 3 years ago by mqshmad)
mashallah this is a ... ( 2 years ago by Masterwarrior456)
mashallah this is a beautiful naat Allah may everybody bless you
masha allah, aamir ... ( 3 years ago by Shahid Ali)
masha allah, aamir liaqat ali
@walambaraqiba 1) ... ( 2 years ago by taqqi786)
@walambaraqiba 1) nobody is perfect 2) by cursing you yourself are setting
double standards so let allah the almighty do the judging and back off,
think to yourself who the real munafiq is
MASHALLAH ( 3 years ago by kanzah khan)
allahouma ehdi al ... ( 2 years ago by DzBrotherHood1)
allahouma ehdi al chiaa to the true islam...Amin
SYED SHERAZ SHAH ko ... ( 3 years ago by ausaf722)
jo laug amir bhai ... ( 2 years ago by farhan malik)
jo laug amir bhai ko bura kehtay hain un ka imaan kamzoor hai......kyun k
jitnay b laugon ka emaan sachaa hai wo smjh saktay hain k ye sb dikhawaa
nai hai.........any kalam by aamir liaquat........!
nice naat but iss ... ( 4 years ago by Danyal Haq)
nice naat but iss harami kay bachay ne kuen recited ke hai
plz u all why ... ( 3 years ago by Bazeela Saeed)
plz u all why tantng,leasten just az a naat.plz
shame on u ( 2 years ago by Fida Rehman)
shame on u
shame on u ppl. 1st ... ( 2 years ago by xPunjabzFinestx)
shame on u ppl. 1st u listen to naats and nasheeds and then u comment stuff
that makes one say tauba astaghfirullah. wotever amir liaquat did or is
doing is between him and Allah who are you ppl to judge him and make stupid
comments about him?? have u ppl ever seen urself?? at least he his reading
Allah;s kalaam but what are u ppl doing?? all u do is make stupid comments
about ppl bt never look at urself. change urself 1st before u point fingers
at any1 else. May Allah give u all aqal Ameen
aap ko bohat bohat ... ( 2 years ago by yaqoob rizvi)
aap ko bohat bohat mubark ho amir jee new post.shab-e-raat mubark ho sab ko.
All them of use out ... ( 1 year ago by Humna Khan)
All them of use out there who r judging stop swearing he did not do
something bad did he ur just swearing 4 no use learn something at least he
is singing and doing something right learn !!!!!
salam amir bahi it ... ( 4 years ago by faizan di)
salam amir bahi it is very good naat saeed
mashallah ( 2 years ago by BlueEnderman)
nice nice nice nice ... ( 2 years ago by Fida Rehman)
nice nice nice nice voice is also nice
amir is great ( 4 years ago by TheMnaseer)
amir is great
are you feeling to ... ( 11 months ago by Aman Baloch)
are you feeling to use restroom ? I don't want to say that but your face
Impression make me say that ....
V bad arabic accent ( 2 months ago by drumstick)
V bad arabic accent

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